MADONNADELMANINClassic or Modern? At meneghetti boutique jewels are fighting against time, offering an evergreen look and gifting whomever wears them with a pinch of eternity.

The Manin threadlike necklaces are an inheritance from the venetian tradition: are very fine gold chains attached to each other through a clasp or flat closure, starting from ten fine chains to necklaces made out of hundreds of them.
The style achieved is very elegant and sophisticated; the color of the gold has the silk’s shadows
In the ancient tradition the necklace was made out one single, very long chain of 22/ 24 karat gold, that you could wrap around the neck in order to create more loops and reaching a very delicate look.
The longer the chain, the richer and more important was the patrician family who owned it. Often, the chain was cut and give to the daughters as dowry preserving an incomparable goldsmith traditions to pass on from mother to daughter. The name, Manin is thought to be connected to the noble, very rich and ancient Manin family, and furthermore related to Ludovico Manin IV, the last venetian doge.
The Manin necklace known the most, is the one weared from La Madonna in the byzantine iconography exhibited in La Basilica della Salute during La Salute festivity on the 21st of november. This is La Madonna mesopandissita to whom venetians, every year, since ‘600, renew their religious vote, manifesting their gratitude for having been saved from the plague epidemy of 1630. [clearfix][vertical-spacer]